Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Duncan and I have been for a wander up on the Glyders today. The little fella is off to Scotland for the first time this weekend so thought it was a good idea to suss out wearing crampons first. We roped up for two mini pitches before unroping and soloing to the top. We then walked across the plateau and headed down the Gribin Ridge back to the car.

A lot of snow has survived the rain and thaw and with recent cold and high pressure is now pretty hard neve. Turf is frozen down to valley level and there is a fair bit of ice around on tarns, streams and paths.

All we need is a bit more snow and then it will be really good.

Clogwyn Ddu looked good. There is quite a lot of Ice. Left Hand Branch looked in. The turf will now be a rock solid. All that is need is a light dusting and the crag with be stonkingly good.

I spoke to a guy who had soloed Hidden Gully and Tower Slabs. He said the ice good. He also said that two folk back of Left Hand Branch today.

DC learning to walk again on Bristly Ridge.
Tryfran, Duncan and the Carneddau.
Clogwyn Ddu today - very black but plenty of ice.
A close up of left hand branch. There also a appears to be plenty of build up on the outside of Pillar chimney and maybe enough on the ephemeral Spectral Wall.

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