Friday, April 27, 2012

It's Hardd climbng in the wet.

It was wet everywhere in Wales yesterday, but undeterred Burdy and I headed to Hylldrem. This venue isn't quite as permadry as some would make out, but it was the driest venue going so we got on with it.
Me just below the crux on Hardd.
Gwen and Livingbone had arrived just before use and had shotgunned Hardd the classic E2. While we waited for them Matt tried the Wildebeest. He gave it a good few goes climbing up and down before falling off. Thankfully by this point Gwen had reached the belay so I racked up for Hardd. The climbing was straightforward to begin with until a old peg is reached. I faffed around for ages trying to work out what to do next. Most of the key holds were dry and eventually I managed to get up to undercuts with a good cam by waist. From her perch Gwen was able to talk me across into a bridged position. I managed to rock my weight over, "where's the runner?" "Oh there isn't one yet." came the reply. Soon more gear and holds arrived. The climbing is steady away from this point but quite strenuous. Cheers for the beta and support Gwen!

The next pitch was piss wet and apparently 4b. It felt quite exciting! What a great route: fantastic climbing and a route finding masterpiece. The quintessential nineteen sixties lines of least resistance. Climbing the first ascent must have been outrageous.

Livingstone going for it on his attempt on Wildebeest.
Back on the ground Livingstone was having a burn on Wildebeest. He got a bit higher than Burdy before taking a whipper onto a 'booming' flake with a cam either side. Thankfully it held.

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