Friday, December 14, 2012

Trinity Face

I've not written much on here recently as I've got a job and now spend a lot of my time stacking shelves in a supermarket. This isn't so bad as it rains all the time at the moment and I need to save money so I can go on a four month long climbing trip when I graduate in June. 

Looking like a goon on the top of Snowdon!
Amazingly I had a free day on Wednesday, no work, no lectures, no nothing. Even more amazingly the weather was perfect, but at short notice I couldn't find a partner. I'd seen some photos on a friend's Facebook page of the Trinity Face on Snowdon, it looked amazing and as far I could work out the only crag likely to be in nick. The next morning I dropped Nikki at work and sped up the Pass, shouldered my nice light pack and set off.

The walk in took a little longer then expected and it was nice to have some solitude. Crampons on. Axes out. I started the day by soloing up and down Central Trinity, which was good, with bomber neve all the way. Half way up I caught up with a bloke who was making his thirty first ascent of Central Trinity, his first was in 1978! Back at the base of the crag I started up Right-hand Trinity, which was good fun. Cheers to Ray and Stu for letting me climb past them.

The Trinity Face
I then walked to the summit of Snowdon and back down for one more climb. Ladies Gully looked like one of the better lines so I headed for that. The main pitch was interesting, with a fun move out of the top of the gully. Thanks to Mark and David for letting me solo past them. At the top of the crag I head back via Crib y Ddysgl and Crib Goch. Crib Goch was a lot less wintery than I expected, but even so I didn't take my crampons off until I was back on the Pyg Track.

Even more of a goon on the top of Crib Y Ddysgl.
Unfortuantley this isn't much use a conditions report as it started to thaw this morning.

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