Saturday, January 25, 2014

West Face of Leaning Tower Video

I was supposed to spend most of September and October 2013 climbing in Yosemite Valley. I had hoped to climb multiple routes on El Captain and Half Dome. Unfortunately it wasn't to be. First fires made the Valley too smokey, cutting our planned seven weeks to five. Finally we arrived in Yosemite and after spending a week getting to grips with the place, the Federal Government shut down and we were expelled from the Park. We spent two and half weeks in limbo, climbing in Red Rocks and Bishop, waiting for the government to sort its' self out. Late in the trip and after so much bad luck motivation was low. We bailed on the Nose. However as a consolation prize Ollie and I managed to make an ascent of the Leaning Tower West Face. This is one of the small walls in Yosemite but the route goes through some wild terrain. This is the film of our climb. Cheers to Guy for editing it into something watchable.

Still the dream! El Cap from the top of the Leaning Tower.

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