Tuesday, December 23, 2014

2014 - Another year...

2014 has been a bloody great year! It seems to have gone on forever. It started slowly with unemployment, which meant lots of Gritstone but no money for trips further away. Then it all got a bit exciting. I got a job and got married in quick succession. The rest of the year has been a bit of a blur with lots of ace weekend's away to cool places with even cooler people. Below, in no particular order, are some of the photographic highlights. Nikki and I are off to Kenya on boxing with the aim of climbing Mount Kenya. Here's to 2015, I'm sure you'll be a good one.

My wife completing her Ironman. What a hero!
Malcolm Scott and Clair Muir on Concrete Chimney. Later that day I slayed the Strand, finally leading it after three previous attempts spread over seven years.
Dad on Communist Convert on Raven Crag Thirlmere. An underrated gem.
I've done a lot of great climbing with this chap this year. Here he is, cool as a cucumber, at St Govan's East.
The Leap at Easter. Strong scenes.
Malcolm Scott leading Lyme Cryme after work. My first route as a married man.
Me showing off my legs on Dark Side of the Sun at Boulder Ruckle, mid way through a terrifying bank holiday extravaganza.  
Leading the top pitch of Daydreams at Mewsford on Stag Doo. 
Team Stag - Woof!
Wedding scenes...
More wedding scenes...
Caitlin climbing Preying Mantis. Dad dragged me up this as my second ever E1 back in 2003. It was great to go back and lead it one August evening.
Hamish Dunn pitched up beneath the Sella Towers in the Dolomites. Bad weather meant out trip with less productive than we'd hoped but we still managed a couple of routes. 
Duncan crossing the river after an unsuccessful afterwork jaunt to Cheedale. 
Nikki loving Ordinary Route on Idwal Slabs in the rain.
Having a doze beneath the Rocher du Midi, whilst waiting for the clag to burn off. It didn't. 
Isla Wormald experiencing hot aches for the first time, after a stormy ascent of Christmas Crack, and hating it. 
Tim Osbourne at the top of the difficulties on Pot of Gold. My only winter climb in 2014. 
Rob, Dunc, Heather, Hamish and Me psyched to climb on the morning of my wedding. 
Me questing up Helfenstein's Struggle on the morning of my wedding. 
My family and other animals (Robin) on holiday in the Calanques.
About to set off up Dreadnought's seconding pitch. One of my best leads of 2014.  
Nikki re-learning to love climbing at the Calanques. Psyched to do more climbing with her in 2014.
Our bags all packed up for Mount Kenya - Excited!

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