Thursday, May 28, 2015

Old Man of Hoy

Last year my Father-in-law, John was diagnosed with Testicular cancer. Although he swiftly had a bollock-off the cancer had already spread. This meant that a long and horrible course of chemotherapy was required. Thankfully he's now on the other side of it and it seems to have done the trick.

To help others in a similar position to her Dad Nikki has decided to raise some money for Orchid, a male cancer charity, by under going a series of daft challenges throughout the year. One of these included climbing the Old Man of Hoy which we climbed with our friends Heather and Johnny last weekend.

She has written an account of her climb here so I won't bore you with my semi-literate waffling.

I promised Nikki that if she completed the climb I'd sponsor her £50, deducting £10 every time she cried and adding £10 every time she got vomited on by a fulmar. Unfortunately for me she managed a T.F.A and got puked on by a Fulmar once so I owe her £60.

Below are some photos. If you have any spare monies and are feeling generous please sponsor her suffering here.

A proud Dad.

Old Man of Hoy

A snap of a snap of my sister and I on family trip to Hoy way back in 2001.

Two lunatics psyched out of their tiny minds in Scrabster.

Me trying to convince Nikki I know where I'm going.

Me leading the first pitch.

Me about to enter the sandy crux chimney on pitch two.
Nikki seconding pitch three.
Team stack: Nikki, Me, Heather, Johnny.
Abseiling scenes.
Nikki swinging her way across the penultimate abseil.

The Old man of Stoer - Sunday's sport plan. The weather was full on with lots of rain, wind and sea spray. Content with her previous efforts Nikki sat this one out. 

Johnny '8b' Baker having just taking a lead fall into the sea on the easiest route he's ever climbed. 

Heather loving salty phalluses.

Me sharing the love...


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