Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Carneddau runnings

In September I decided to take up fell running to get a bit fitter and to see the mountains in a new way. I'm not a great runner and never will be but I've really enjoyed getting out and seeing some new places in Snowdonia. Also running is much more fun than trad climbing in the cold. I know I should drive out to the Orme, but it just not me. Besides I could do with shedding a pound or four first ;-) One of the best runs out was back in October. Tom 'Big Hair - Bigger Psyche' Livingstone, Dunc 'the Hunk' Campbell and I left Bangor psyched for a run and some fun.

Duncan early on. Tryfan behind. Photo: Livingstone.

The initial plan was the Snowdon Horseshoe, but we forgot about the Pen Y Pas parking charges. Does anyone know if they can actually enforce their fines?

Me and Duncan running over to Carnedd Dafydd from Pen yr Ole Wen. Photo: Livingstone.

We drove on and parked up in Ogwen. We ran up into Cwm Lloer and up onto the top of Pen yr Ole Wen. Well Tom ran while Duncan and I, ever efficent, walked five metres behind. Once on top we continued over Carnedd Dafydd to the top of Carnedd Llewelyn. A quick stop in the Summit Shelter and we were off again. Down past Craig yr Ysfa onto Pen yr Helgi Du, down the ridge through the bog and back to the car. I tried a sprint finish but I stood was no chance against Livingstone. I swear he's half Kenyan!
Back at the car. Left to right: Hunk, Kenyan, Fatty. Photo: Livingstone.

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