Saturday, May 26, 2012

Last day of trad for a while: Cloggy

It was scorching even at 6am, when I got up and tried to revise. It was futile, my heart just wasn't in it. In the exam room I scrawled down some answers and left. I wanted to be elsewhere. Dire Straights blaring I drove to The Heights and met Burrows. Both of us had to be back for 7 so we were cutting things fine going to Cloggy.

Tops off and groin vent open, Burrows powers up to Cloggy.
Do crags get better than this?
At the base of the crag it was starting to get busy. I racked up and quickly lead pitch one of Cloggy Corner, which was quite pokey. Burrows started up Silhouette. He was climbing slowly and constantly cursing so I new it must be difficult. To my left Dani Arnold (of Eiger North Face speed soloing fame) was pissing up Great Wall with a couple of guys from PYB. With only the final roof between him and easy ground Ollie girded his loins. With the Swiss Machine watching his ego gave him not choice but to pounce for the big hold! Good effort mate, I've never seen you try so hard before! I managed to second the route without too much difficulty, but reckon the lead would have been beyond me at the moment.
Ollie low down Silhouette
Dani Arnold cruising Great Wall.
Nearing the top of Great Wall
Burrow about to pounce for the top.

Ollie about to pounce for the top hold on Silhuette. Cheers to Martin Chester for the pic. 
We still had time for another route, so I lead the Left Edge on the Boulder in one long pitch. It's a good little route, bold with pokey kit. Thankfully the climbing is pretty obvious and never strenuous. We the grabbed our bags and ran back down to 'Beris for a well earned pint in The Heights. The perfect way to end my last day climbing in Wales.

Me on Left Edge.

This will be my last post for a while as on Monday Tom Livingstone and I are off to Alaska for five and a half weeks of cold and misery. Spending that amount of time at Cloggy would be much more fun. Have fun everyone and crush hard while I'm away.

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