Wednesday, May 23, 2012


On Sunday I spent the day supporting my girlfriend, Nikki, who succeeded in completing her first triathlon: The Slateman. This grueling activity starts by swimming 750m across Llyn Padarn, followed by a 52km bike ride over the Pass, down Ogwen and then through Tregarth and back to Llanberis. In case you aren't tired by this point there is an 11km run around the Slate Quarries to finish you off.

Gritting her teeth at the top of the Pass.
I spent the morning racing round back roads to try and stay ahead of Nikki as much as possible. I managed to catch her twice on the cycle, once on the run and managed to get back just in time to see her finish.

Zooming past me in Ogwen.
Tired now and there is still a big hill to go.
Her total time was 3:46, which splits as: 18mins on the swim, 2 hours 3 on the bike and 1 hour 18 on the run. All in all a pretty good effort for a first triathlon. Nice one Nikki I'm really proud of you.

Sprinting for the finish...

Nikki at the finish - I don't think it's quite sunk in yet!
The secret's out: Why Nikki really runs triathlons!


  1. :) Was such a great day, so glad we had such a nice group of girls in our little area! Hope to see you at the sandman - I have the triathlon bug now!!

  2. Nikki has the Triathlon bug too and it mad keen for Sandman. I'm not sure how keen I am though! I'll message you her number if you want to train together? Bubbles